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Have you seen any streaks on the surface of your roof? Did you know that they’re not just an unsightly annoyance on your roof? They’re actually an infection of the organic material that makes up your roof. That means that you can’t simply clean the black streaks off of your roof, they have to actually be treated in a similar fashion to the treatment of a fungal infection.  

The infection that causes the black streaks on your roof is the microorganism gloeocapsa magma. It forms together with other organisms such as lichen, moss, mold, and mildew to create the unsightly streaks. Not only are the black streaks on your roof annoying, it also creates an unhealthy environment on the top of your home.  


Unfortunately, many people opt for roof replacement instead of checking into other solutions for ridding their roof of infection. However, with an experienced and professional roof cleaning company, you can ensure your roof will receive effective treatment to take care of the problems plaguing it.  

Our Soft Roof Cleaning service will help protect your investment

The good news is, there is a simple solution for your Bellingham roof cleaning needs. Whatcom Pressure Washers provides expert roof cleaning solutions by administering soft washing.  

Soft washing utilizes products designed to clean the black stains off of your roof, as well as sanitize, discover, and destroy the infectious cause of the stains. This method of roof cleaning effectively kills the bacteria, gloeocapsa magma in order to deliver a truly clean roof.  

Many people are afraid to use soft washing as a way to treat the black stains on their roof. Misinformation abounds, creating concern that soft washing will damage their landscaping.  

While high-pressure solutions are known for causing damage, soft roof cleaning & washing takes a different route. The method of soft washing leaves plants undamaged while removing stains on the roof, as well as lichen, moss, and any other organisms.  

There is no cause for concern when using the Whatcom soft washing services in Bellingham, Washington. Your roof will look as good as new after Whatcom Pressure Washers completes the job. 

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