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Have you seen any streaks on the surface of your Pacific Northwest roof? Did you know that they’re not just an unsightly annoyance on your roof?They’re actually an infection of the organic material that makes up your roof. That means that you can’t simply clean the black streaks off of your roof, they have to actually be treated in a similar fashion to the treatment of a fungal infection.  Did you know that leaving moss on your roof can create costly repairs down the road?

The infection that causes the black streaks on your roof is the microorganism gloeocapsa magma. It forms together with other organisms such as lichen, moss, mold, and mildew to create the unsightly streaks. Not only are the black streaks on your roof annoying, but it also creates an unhealthy environment on the top of your home.

Unfortunately, many people opt for roof replacement instead of checking into other solutions for ridding their roofs of the infection. However, with an experienced and professional Bellingham Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing Company, you can ensure your roof will receive the high quality moss treatment to take care of the problems plaguing it and extend the life of your roof.

Our pressure washing services are designed to keep the entire exterior of your home clean and safe.

Happy Bellingham Roof Cleaning Customers

Darrell Drummond

" Great job! Roof was way overdue to be cleaned in the woods! I was shock at amount of moss that came off roof! Jacob did a great job and cleaned up well! Will hire back in future! "

Ryan Mary Reyes

" Jacob did an excellent job removing the moss from my roof and treating it as well. He cleaned up after himself and was professional yet very easy to talk to. I will hire him again in the future. The price was lower than I expected but the quality of work was top notch. "

Jeremy Honey

" Great service! They cleaned our roof and siding off very quickly and thoroughly. Will definitely be using again! "

Your bellingham roof cleaning & moss removal specialists

The good news is, there is a simple solution for your Bellingham roof cleaning needs. Whatcom Pressure Washers provides expert roof cleaning and moss removal solutions by administering soft washing. Soft washing utilizes products designed to clean the moss of your roof, as well as sanitize, discover, and destroy the infectious cause of the stains.

This method of roof cleaning effectively kills the bacteria, gloeocapsa magma in order to deliver a truly clean roof, and remove any nasty roof moss. Many people are afraid to use soft washing or pressure washing as a way to treat black stains on their roof. Misinformation abounds, creating concern that soft washing will damage their landscaping.

While high-pressure solutions are known for causing damage, soft roof cleaning & moss removal takes a different route. The method of soft washing leaves plants undamaged while removing stains on the roof, as well as lichen, moss, and any other organisms.

There is no cause for concern when using the Bellingham roof cleaning services on your Whatcom County home. Your roof will look as good as new after Whatcom Pressure Washers completes the job.

During your roof cleaning is a good time to do a gutter cleaning.

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Why Soft Washing is the Proper Way to Clean Your Roof

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