Restoration Services

Restoration Services

If you have new surfaces, protecting them from the start is recommended. For older surfaces, cleaning exterior residential and commercial concrete, wood, and PVC surfaces is the first step to restoring their original appearance. Staining and sealing these surfaces protects them from the harsh elements of our Pacific Northwest environment extending their life.

pressure washing for Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Concrete easily becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew, and grime. Over time these can eat away at the integrity of concrete causing cracks and expansion while making the surface slippery when wet. 

When sealed or resealed, the service life of concrete is greatly extended. Proper exterior concrete sealing requires the correct product applied (designed to allow both air and moisture to pass through) at the appropriate time. 

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Wood Staining & Restoration

Our weather in the Pacific Northwest is hard on exterior wood surfaces. Decks, siding, and fences face constant exposure to moisture. In some areas, longer periods of the sun can dry out wood surfaces.

Cleaning, staining, and sealing exterior wood surfaces improve appearances and creates a waterproof barrier protecting the surface from outside moisture while prevent drying out. Sealed surfaces prevent discoloration, mold, mildew, and can limit or eliminate damage from termites and other wood-destroying organisms. 

High pressure house washing


Most PVC and composite decking surfaces are low maintenance. They were designed to withstand Mother Nature. However, heavy use and weather can affect the beauty of your deck over time, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Proper cleaning and applying a coating will eliminate fading and restore your deck's original color. It will remove minor scratches and stains while adding UV protection.

Get Started

The first step in protecting your investment is getting in touch with us. 

From cleaning and restoration to maintenance, whether it's a residential or commercial application, our mission is to help improve and protect our client’s property value by through professional services.

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