The Gutter Stick: An Innovative Solution for Keeping Gutters Clear

easily keep your gutters clear

If you’re following professional recommendations, you’re having your gutters and downspouts cleaned twice a year. In the spring, it’s important to clear out winter debris and airborne seeds that literally can start sprouting in the gutters. In autumn, cleaning is necessary after the leaves stop falling because leaves quickly and easily clog gutters.

Ensuring that your gutters are draining properly is critical because clogged gutters can lead to some major problems that in turn can be very expensive to fix:

● When gutters are clogged, water can back up onto the roof or drip down the sides of a house. This in turn can cause rot in the roof or the siding. Roof repairs in particular can get extremely expensive. Leaks in a roof can also cause serious damage inside a home.

● In the winter, clogged gutters can form ice dams that not only cause water to back up and overflow but which, due to their weight, can make gutters sag, causing them to not function properly.

● Water dripping down siding can stain it.

● If there is standing water near a house due to poor drainage, there is a risk that the water can cause damage to the foundation, another very expensive thing to repair (think thousands).

● Standing water also is a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insect pests. At the very least, these pests are annoyances that can ruin time spent outdoors. At the worst, they transmit diseases that can be deadly.

● Finally, water spilling down where it’s not supposed to might pour into flower beds and gardens, washing away soil or drowning plants you want to keep.

Twice a Year Sometimes Isn’t Enough

However, depending on the wetness of the climate and how many trees are around, and the Whatcom area gets a lot of moisture and has a lot of trees, cleaning gutters twice a year isn’t enough.

And let’s face it: cleaning gutters is not something many people like to do. It’s dangerous, it’s messy, it’s often smelly, and it takes a lot of time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a gutter system that works for you between seasonal cleanings?


How the Gutter Stick Works

Now there is! Whatcom Pressure Washers (WPW) is proud and excited to install the Gutter Stick for Whatcom-area homeowners.

The Gutter Stick is a device with an end that fits into a downspout. Because it includes an adjustable, securable plate, we can make sure that the Gutter Stick fits downspouts of any size.

The rest of the Gutter Stick is a hollow metal body that has 132 holes precisely placed so that water can still get through no matter how clogged the gutter might be.

Because of its unique perforation, the Gutter Stick easily outperforms strainers, and it’s far less expensive than installing gutter guards is. Even better, it’s a lot easier (and thus cheaper) to service).

The Gutter Stick is a great option for keeping your gutters functioning well between their seasonal cleanings. It provides these principal benefits:

● Prevention of clogs in downspouts

● Reduced cleaning costs

● A helping hand when it comes to avoiding expensive repairs due to water damage

● Less work and worry for you

Expert Installation by WPW

Ready to protect your gutters and your home all year long with the Gutter Stick? Ready to start saving money, time, and stress?

Whatcom Pressure Washers specializes in the upkeep and improvement of gutter systems and other exterior features of homes. We’re locally owned and deeply invested in the health and beauty of this unique part of the country. If you want the job done right, the buck stops here.

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