Fall Exterior Cleaning Projects For Whatcom County

When you start making a list of fall projects you need to do outside the home, things such as removing leaves, pruning ice-vulnerable branches and limbs, reseeding and fertilizing the lawn, winterizing shrub and flower beds, and finding and sealing leaks probably jump to mind quickly and occupy the top of the list.

Chances are that power washing projects didn’t pop up as important projects to do. In fact, they might seem more like spring projects as you prepare areas for outdoor enjoyment during the summer months.

Pressure washing is, however, an important part of preparing your property for the coming winter.

Winter isn’t just tough on lawns, gardens, and trees; it’s tough on homes as well. In our region, we contend with plenty of rain, snow, and ice each winter, plus the freeze-thaw cycle, and all of them can lead to major damage come spring, major damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

We’d like to discuss some pressure washing projects that can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your home against winter. As we do so, we’ll talk about why they matter and how we at Whatcom Pressure Washers handle them because we always want you to be fully informed not just about what needs to be done but also about why and how.

Pressure Washing Your Deck

If you have a wooden deck at your home, it’s probably one of the crown jewels of your outdoor spaces. As a prime spot for cooking, dining, entertaining, and relaxing, it’s something you want to keep looking good and in great condition.

When power washing your deck, there are three principal benefits:

The first is purely cosmetic but nevertheless important– a good washing will leave your deck looking great, almost like new again.

Pressure washing a deck also gets rid of mold and mildew that has accumulated on the surface. Left untreated, that growth only gets worse over the fall and winter as the rainy seasons return. Snow and ice also create damp conditions that foster the growth of mold and mildew. As the mold and mildew get worse over the winter, you could have a real mess when spring returns, and what should have been a small job might be a much larger one, meaning more expensive to fix.

Finally, a thorough pressure washing primes the deck for applying paint, stain, or some other sealant to protect it from moisture.

” When choosing a professional to power wash your deck, don’t just choose someone from your local power washing company—choose someone who specifically has experience power washing decks. He or she should use a relatively low pressure-setting (probably no more than 1500 PSI) and a wide fan, with the power washer held at least two feet off the ground. ”

– designbuildersmd.com

Clean Your Windows

During the spring and summer, exterior windows accumulate a good deal of dirt, grime, dead insects, and other debris. Over time, this debris can break down the surface of the glass, and the compaction that occurs when frost coats a window accelerates the process.

Resulting damage includes weakened windowpanes, permanent scratches and etches, and leaking seals. Because of those leaks, moisture can get inside and cause interior damage. Also, with cold air getting in and warm air escaping, you’ll see your energy bills go up.

Cleaning your windows removes all this debris and protects your windows. And it also gives clear views out your windows. With the sun such a prized visitor during the winter months here, you want to make sure you can fully enjoy it every time it’s out!


Cleaning Out Your Gutters

Keeping gutters clear and properly functioning is important all year long, and winter brings special risks of its own.

Gutters collect a great deal of leaves and other debris in the fall. When they get clogged, water goes places you don’t want it to, such as down the siding or backing up onto the roof, causing rot, stains, and leaks. It can even damage the foundation if water accumulates along the base instead of being directed out and away. Interior water damage, roof repairs, and foundation repairs can get very expensive.

Winter makes all of this tougher because of melting snow and ice that doesn’t have anywhere to go. Ice dams are also a concern when water and debris in gutters freeze. In addition to the damage already mentioned, you could also be looking at damage to the structure and function of your gutters as they sag under the weight in clogged spots, and that just adds to repair costs and time.

Cleaning gutters yourself is one of the least pleasant and time-consuming home maintenance tasks for homeowners. It’s also one of the riskiest since it entails spending a lot of time on a ladder or up on the roof. At WPW, we know this, and that’s why we include gutter cleaning in our pressure washing services. Our professional cleaning guarantees that your gutters work the way they’re supposed to and help protect your property.

Roof And Moss Maintenance 

Decks, windows, and gutters are the ”Big Three” when it comes to fall pressure washing projects, but we also recommend inspection for moss growing on the remove and removing it if it’s there in any quantity.

For the same reasons winter can foster favorable conditions for mold and mildew on decks, it fosters them for moss on roofs.

Moss thrives in damp, shady settings, and when it grows on a roof, it can damage the shingles, which in turn can lead to rot and to leaks in the roof’s foundation. As we’ve already mentioned, roof repairs get really expensive.

Removing moss on your own is a tedious job, it’s dangerous, and it can cause more harm than good if you don’t use the right materials and techniques. WPW’s proven “soft roof washing” technique uses just the right pressure to clear your roof of moss and lichen without causing any damage to it. It’s also environmentally friendly and doesn’t harm nearby plants, which is a risk with some other cleaning methods.

Go With Whatcom Pressure Washers for Your Fall Pressure Washing Projects!

Businesses and homeowners in Bellingham and Whatcom County have been trusting WPW with the beautification and protection of their properties for years now. We have the equipment and the experience, and we make sure to get the job done right because we know how important your investment is to you. To discuss your needs and get an estimate, contact us today! 


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