Our concrete cleaning services for Bellingham can help keep your walkways and other concrete surfaces clean and clear!

The concrete surrounding your home may seem strong but over time it can become damaged. Extreme temperatures, as well as rain, snow, and salt, can cause chipping, flaking, and cracking. Even greater damage occurs when water gets into these chipped and cracked areas, and then freezes.

Dirt gets stuck in the concrete and plants begin to grow out of the cracks. Discoloration occurs. It’s just a downward spiral for your concrete once a little bit of damage appears.

Fortunately, the expert team at Whatcom Pressure Washers provides concrete cleaning for your walkways, driveways, steps, porch, and any other concrete surfaces on your property. With our professional concrete washing and sealing, you can prevent damage and keep your concrete in great condition.

Bellingham Concrete Cleaning Services

Happy Bellingham Concrete Cleaning Customers

Ellen Rabinowich

" Excellent job cleaning my house gutters and roof. I will definitely use Jacob and his team again! "

Margaret Warner

" Jacob and team came to our house late in the season to clean out our gutters, that had been totally clogged, as a result making the rainwater runoff and form small ponds around the house. They also cleaned our window. Since living in our house for 5 years we had never had the windows cleaned. What an incredible difference! Their professional, kind, and efficient service were truly worthy of 5 stars. We can see clearly out the windows and we no longer have little ponds around our house. I would highly recommend Whatcom Pressure Washers LLC. "

Your Concrete Cleaning Experts In Bellingham

You don’t want your concrete to become damaged, discolored, and even dangerous. Proper upkeep and maintenance can help ensure that your property’s concrete will last for years to come. Whatcom Pressure Washers is made up of a team of concrete cleaning professionals. We have loads of experience in cleaning and maintaining all types of concrete.


We use only the best equipment and processes to ensure the results that you are looking for, that will keep your concrete in great shape for years to come. We service your deck, sidewalk, driveway, steps, and even your pavers. If it’s made out of concrete, we’ll take care of it for you!


Our concrete cleaning services ensure that your concrete surfaces are efficiently cleaned and maintained. Sealants prevent future damage from occurring, creating a barrier that keeps the elements at bay. If you have pavers, our pressure washing services keep them looking clean and new!

When Whatcom Pressure Washers finish cleaning your concrete surfaces, you’ll be in awe at the crisp, clean look. Keep your concrete strong and great looking by hiring the professionals at WPW.


We offer free concrete cleaning estimates!

Our Bellingham Pressure Washing Services

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FAQs About Roof Cleaning

What will it cost me to get my roof cleaned in Whatcom County?

It depends on the surface area other factors, but a roof cleaning normally starts at around $400.

You advertise “soft” roof washing. What is that?

High-pressure power washing can damage the shingles and also lead to water damage. Our soft washing uses low pressure and an eco-friendly formula to clean your roof while protecting it at the same time.

There’s moss on my roof. Is that okay or should I have it cleaned?

Moss grows in spots where there is water retention, and this can lead to serious and expensive damage. It’s also slick and poses a safety hazard if you have to go up on your roof. Professional removal that doesn’t harm your shingles is important, and dealing with moss early is best.

I’ve heard chlorine is good for cleaning roofs, but can it damage the shingles?

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommends chlorine for cleaning asphalt shingles because it’s effective and does not cause harm to them. However, that’s not the case for roofs with slate or painted metal. WPW always makes sure to take the material into account so that we clean the roof properly without causing any damage or invalidating your warranty.

When should I get a professional cleaning for my roof?

It can vary according to how much sun and shade a roof gets, but we recommend a professional cleaning every 1-3 years. Of course, if you’re noticing a buildup of moss or debris, don’t wait; call us right away!

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