4 Reasons Regular Property Maintenance Is Important

Nothing lasts without at least a little care and maintenance. Or maybe we should say everything lasts longer, looks better, performs better, and feels better with a bit of regular upkeep?

It doesn’t matter if we are discussing ourselves, our cars, or our homes and businesses. Regular, routine maintenance is important.

It keeps things functioning as intended and lasting longer.

While we normally associate the idea of ‘functioning’ with irrigation systems and gutters, it applies to your roof and windows plus decks and walkways.

Gutters: Water pouring over gutters due to their being clogged is an obvious example of failing to care for your property impacts function. 

Roofs: When it comes to your roof, failure means water intrusion. Moss and algae growth damages shingles in several ways. The root-like structure of moss that anchors it to the roof will, if left to grow, will work its way under shingles and tiles damaging them. Moss also acts like a sponge holding water which can get under shingles.

Windows: Failure to clean windows can lead to them becoming hard to open as debris gets into tracks and mechanisms. 

Dirt decreases a window’s energy efficiency. ~ Pella  

Decks and walkways: Keeping them clean also improves life-expectancy as dirt, oils, and other debris cause damage over time. Bacteria, dirt, and mildew can eat away at the integrity of concrete causing cracks, expansion, and future structural issues. 

It improves safety.

In the Pacific Northwest, the combination of rain and shade means the perfect environment for algae and mildew growth – the green sheen you see on many surfaces. Over time it builds up. It is benign when dry yet once it becomes wet, it gets slick. Concrete walkways and wood surfaces get grimy with dirt and oils as well, especially parking areas. Left unmaintained, they become slippery and a risk to you, your employees, and customers.

It reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, spreading of germs.

We can do little to avoid allergens in the air outside our homes. We do have control over them entering our homes. When walking, brushing against, or leaning on exterior surfaces, we pick up pollen and dust, then track it into our homes. Pressure washing your home removes allergens from the exterior of your house and therefore lowers the overall levels on your property.

Dirty window screens limit airflow and lead to more dirt, dust, and pollutants in our homes. 

One of the biggest identifiers of airborne pollutants is grime on your dirty windows. Grime can produce certain nitrogen compounds which are also found in smog—something that you don’t want to be in touch with. ~ Birds Beware Window Washing.

It keeps pests away.

Gutters packed with leaf litter provide an ideal environment for mosquitoes and bugs. Dirt trapped between decking boards and other crevices creates the perfect place for ants, termites, and spiders.

Exterior surfaces left unmaintained can deteriorate creating opportunities for rodents. 

Routine maintenance is a necessity.

As with our cars, proper, routine cleaning and maintenance of your property are vital. You wouldn’t think to skip an oil change, so don’t skip the care of the exterior of your home or commercial building.

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